Subscription Terms and Conditions

  1. When a tour is uploaded, it is activated for 12 months (after which time it can be reactivated)
  2. The subscription allows for the designated number of tours to be activated and available online at any given time
  3.  If at any point the subscription is not renewed, tours will remain active for a minimum of three months after which time the URL will become inactive
  4.  All subscription payments are non-refundable
  5.  The subscription will be automatically renewed
  6.  Subscription fees for Australian customers include GST
  7.  360 Rooms must not be used to host offensive or inappropriate material. Breach of this requirement will result in immediate removal of the tour and non-refundable termination of the subscription

Camera Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon completion of rental, the camera must be returned with box and instructions to 360 Rooms. Any damage or loss of the camera will incur a replacement charge of $500.